Alison Rolfe: Psychotherapy & Counselling

In my practice, I offer both counselling and psychotherapy. The form of counselling I offer is psychodynamic counselling, although I also have considerable experience of integrative counselling practice and draw on this in my thinking. The form of psychotherapy I offer is Jungian analytical psychotherapy.

What are counselling and psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy and counselling are both forms of 'talking therapies', where you are able to explore difficulties in your life in a quiet and confidential space, and explore and process your feelings, thoughts, memories and wishes in a safe environment.

Both psychodynamic counselling and psychotherapy are collaborative processes where you work towards understanding what may be operating at a deeper level that is influencing behaviour and feelings.

The relationship with your therapist is also a central aspect of the therapy, both because of the trust that is often needed to explore potentially painful issues and to undertake an 'inner journey', and because it provides an opportunity to consider how you relate to others, and repeating patterns in relationships.