Cambridge Counselling Service

Typical problems that people bring to counselling include low-mood, depression, feeling stuck or trapped, anxiety, stress, feeling unhappy at work, eating issues, over-doing drink, drugs, gambling or computers, relationship issues (work or personal), identity issues, family problems, bereavement, career uncertainty or dissatisfaction, life-stage issues (eg mid-life crisis, retirement), a sense of something being 'not quite right' or a desire for greater well-being or personal development.

Through listening to you and talking with you, the counsellor aims to facilitate your personal development. Counsellors rarely offer advice, but instead will work collaboratively with you to help you look at your situation with fresh eyes and experiment with new solutions.

Many people feel that their problems are not important enough to warrant counselling. Others worry that counselling may not help - or that they are in some way 'abnormal'.