Christine Wood

I am often asked how it is that counselling can effect such positive change simply by the client telling their story and then us working together to uncover the real issues and deal with them in a meaningful way. There is no simple answer; each client is so individual and unique. Former clients have told me that the entire counselling process improved their wellbeing and they were glad they were able to avoid having to resort to medication. My counselling career began with my graduation from Sunderland University with a Foundation Degree in Counselling.

My training allowed me to meet a wide variety of clients, with an even wider variety of problems. I specialize, although not exclusively so, in grief and bereavement counselling, helping my clients to work through the bereavement process, and being with them on their journey to find some way of living alongside their grief. Stress, anxiety, life changes, depression, sexual issues and more, can all stem from loss of one kind or another.