E2 Counselling & Psychotherapy
I am a UKCP accredited psychotherapist and counsellor based in Bethnal Green, East London, E2. I am committed to providing a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space for you to bring what you would like to.

Psychotherapy or counselling is helpful when aspects of your life are difficult, traumatic or painful and talking with close friends, if they are available, doesn't seem to work anymore.

Sometimes a specific issue touches on an area of your life, be it in relationship with yourself or others, at home or at work, that may have a familiar difficulty or feeling to it, perhaps there is some theme you recognise as unresolved and would like to understand it more. It could be that you are noticing a pattern of behaviour, or old feelings; confusion, doubt, anger or fear. Or a mixture. Maybe there is a longing for something more.

In any case, talking to the right psychotherapist for you can provide invaluable support, clarity, warmth and insight. I work with people for an agreed time period or on an open-ended basis.