Energy Counselling & Psychotherapy

I invite you to counselling in a warm and supportive place, where you can find a way forwards that fits with what you want for yourself. As a British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy accredited counsellor, I offer a safe, confidential, ethical and effective practice. I am a Humanistic, Body-centred, Multi-Cultural Psychotherapist and Counsellor. Please contact me for an appointment.

While I appreciate that can be difficult for many of us to come into counselling. I will make this as easy as possible. In fact, if we are not a good fit, I will help you find another counsellor that suits your needs.

Counselling works to address all of these levels of awareness. As you listen to yourself and see through the eyes of different parts of yourself, you become able to comfort those parts and develop skills that help you to become free of emotional patterns that keep you repeating the same relationships or the same patterns of behaviour.