Hay Counselling

Every counsellor is different – and you may be talking about some pretty sensitive issues in your sessions together. That means it’s really important to choose someone you feel comfortable with… someone who is the right ‘fit’ to help you achieve change. So the information here is designed to give you an idea what it might be like to work with me.

I see the role of a counsellor or psychotherapist as being a sort of midwife for change during periods of stress or difficulty. That means I may be providing assistance to resolve a particular problem you have right now. Or it can mean we’ll be journeying together, to transform something more general such as feeling ‘lost’ or ‘stuck’. Whatever kind of support you need, my aim is to help you make the changes you want to see, and take charge of your own life again.

The way this actually happens will be different for everyone. Our conversations will take quite a different shape if you want practical support for a specific issue, compared to if you seek a more open space for reflection and growth. Our sessions will also change according to what we’re discussing. At times they may be quite energised and creative. At other times they may be more pragmatic, a sort of thinking-things-through together. Or we may be moving more slowly, recognising deep fear or sadness, making space for your heart to speak.