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Hope Therapy offers Mental Health and Wellbeing Support throughout the UK via a team of qualified counsellors and therapists. All areas of the UK are fully supported by Zoom, Skype or Phone.

We understand how nerve-racking these times can be. As such our counsellors offer a variety of non-face to face Counselling, CBT and Mindfulness options via Skype, Zoom or phone. We also offer a variety of evidence-based digitally supported wellbeing packages that are hugely popular.

Low budget options are available depending upon your need. Just get in touch to discuss.

We specialise primarily in Depression, Stress Management (either work or home-based), Anxiety (Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Stress, Panic Disorder, Phobias, OCD, etc), Self Esteem, Relationship Issues (Both one to one counselling one and couples counselling), Bereavement and Loss and Goal-Based Life or Executive Coaching. Sessions are available one to one, couples or in groups.

Our counsellors offer face to face counselling at our practices in Faringdon, Wantage and Oxford in Oxfordshire, Little Chalfont & Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire or Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire, Gloucester in Gloucestershire and Northampton in Northampton in Northamptonshire with both 1:1, Couples and group options available.

Simple, Straightforward and Tailor-made

We work collaboratively with you to offer a tailor-made approach, depending on your individual needs. At all times we will work at your pace, with compassion and confidentiality at the core of everything that we do.

Evidence-led Approach
We believe that everyone deserves the very best support when reaching out for help with Mental Health and Wellbeing needs. That is why it is so important that there is a strong evidence base to support what we offer.

There is a great deal of research evidence to show that CBT works effectively in treating a variety of mental health conditions. This research has been carefully reviewed by the National Institute for Clinical and Health Care Excellence (NICE). CBT is also recommended by NICE for the treatment of such conditions as Depression and Anxiety Disorders.

The Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) group classes that we deliver are also recommended by the NHS as an evidence-led and research-based relapse prevention program.

Find out how we can support you
​Whether it is to get 1:1 therapeutic support, access our Hope Network of specialist skype or zoom based Counsellors, to connect with a coach or join one of our Mindfulness groups, please do contact us by email or telephone for a completely confidential and no-obligation chat.

Together we can explore your options, so you can make decisions that are right for you.
Business Services

Zoom Based and Face to Face Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (MBCT) - 8 Week Programme

From £250
"Excellent - Ian is always able to interpret and relate personal experiences into the context of MBCT, which helps my learning."

"Quality of teaching very professional"

"Ian is kind and helps people to feel at home without putting pressure to do anything but giving plenty of opportunities."

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness ​is a way of paying attention: focussed, with purpose, staying in the present moment and withholding all judgment.

The benefits that can come from this practice include:

  • Recognising, slowing down or stopping automatic and habitual reactions,
  • Responding more effectively to complex or difficult situations,
  • Seeing situations more clearly,
  • Becoming more creative,
  • Achieving balance and resilience at work and at home.
Mindfulness helps us to focus and see clearly whatever is going on in our lives at any given point. It will not eliminate the pressures that we encounter in life but can help us react in a calmer manner that can benefit us holistically. It helps us recognise regular and repeated patterns of thinking, often unconscious and make conscious decisions to change them.

What can Mindfulness help with?
There have been numerous research papers and projects since the 1970s, supporting the practice of mindfulness. It provides us with an evidence-based practice that helps give clarity of mind and understanding.
Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) is endorsed by NICE for Depression sufferers and is also widely used in treating Stress and Anxiety.
How Mindfulness is delivered

The 8 Week MCBT Programme blends the ancient wisdom of Mindfulness with the evidence base of CBT. Sessions are taught within a group setting.
You will be shown a succession of Mindfulness practices, along with Cognitive Therapy tools that can readily be applied to many everyday situations.
If you are looking for an evidence-based, daily practice that can be used to bring clarity and focus to your life then this could well be for you.
What to expect during your Mindfulness sessions

There is no need for any Mindfulness experience, as the emphasis is on progress rather than reaching any particular point quickly.

This programme has a strong experiential emphasise, with home practice guidance and review opportunities incorporated into every session.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

From £65.00
"Just thank you. No more needs to be said..."

"Thank you for your help and support.
I will always be grateful to you for being there when no one else was. You helped me in months, to deal with things that I hadn’t managed to make sense of in years."

What is CBT?

CBT, or Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, is a talking therapy. It has been proved to help treat a wide range of emotional and physical health conditions in adults, young people and children. CBT looks at how we think about a situation and how this affects the way we act. In turn, our actions can affect how we think and feel. The therapist and client work together in changing the client’s behaviours, or their thinking patterns, or both.

What can CBT help with?

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommends CBT in the treatment of the following conditions:

· Anxiety disorders (including panic attacks and post-traumatic stress disorder)

· Depression

· Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

· Schizophrenia and Psychosis

· Bipolar Disorder

There is also good evidence that CBT is helpful in treating many other conditions, including:

· Chronic Fatigue

· Behavioural difficulties in children

· Anxiety disorders in children

· Chronic Pain

· Physical symptoms without a medical diagnosis

· Sleep difficulties

· Anger Management

· Self-Esteem

Depending on your condition, CBT can be used on its own or in conjunction with medication which has been prescribed by your GP.

How CBT is delivered

CBT can be offered by one of our counsellors in an individual session or as part of a group. The number of CBT sessions you need depends on the difficulty you need help with. CBT is mainly concerned with how you think and act now, instead of looking at and getting help with difficulties in your past.

If you cannot attend individual or group sessions in person, we also offer remote CBT sessions online through our Hope Network of counsellors.

What to expect during your CBT sessions?

During your sessions, your counsellor will discuss your specific difficulties and set goals for you to achieve. CBT is not a quick fix. It involves hard work during and between sessions. Your counsellor will not tell you what to do. Instead, they will help you decide what difficulties you want to work on in order to help you improve your situation. They will be able to advise you on how to continue using CBT techniques in your daily life after your treatment ends.

From £65.00
"I have been to see a counsellor before and I didn't find them nearly as insightful, understanding, and thought-provoking as Ian. He helped me to reflect on my problems and asked me questions that really made me think. I have taken away so much for our sessions and I am so grateful for the help he has given me and my relationship. Thank you, Ian :)"
"Ian is a highly-skilled, empathic, non-judgemental, warm therapist who has helped so many people to re-find their true selves."

​​What is Counselling?
Hitting a crisis point in your life can be scary. Counselling provides a space in which you can explore the issues that are affecting you, to raise your self-awareness. Often, the more accepting of yourself you become, the more options for change emerge.

What can Counselling help with?
You might come to see a counsellor for a variety of reasons. You may be facing a life-changing event that has created shock or grief. You may be experiencing feelings of depression and isolation, low self-esteem or suffering from feelings of anxiety, without fully understanding why.

There may be events from your past that are preventing you from living your life in the way you would like to.

Equally, you may be experiencing a lack of direction, feelings of boredom or of being trapped. A significant relationship may be proving difficult for you to manage healthily. You may be aware of self-destructive patterns occurring in your life which are causing you or those around you pain.

Extreme feelings such as anger, shame, guilt, sadness or loneliness may be affecting your daily life, keeping you stuck in an uncomfortable place.

Counselling can help you to accept the things that you cannot change and help you to bring about the changes that are possible.

How Counselling is delivered

Counselling can be offered in individual sessions with a counsellor or as integrated with Mindfulness as part of a group. The number of sessions you need depends on the difficulty you need help with.

If you cannot attend individual or group sessions in person, we also offer remote Counselling sessions online through our Hope Network of counsellors.

What to expect during your Counselling sessions.
Once you have taken the brave step to contact a counsellor, it is not unusual to feel nervous. Initially, it can be difficult to talk about the issues that have brought you to the therapy room. You may experience fear of being judged or criticised. Perhaps you have never felt that anyone has really listened to you or understood you, let alone accepted you.

Your counsellor will create an environment that acts as a safe space for you to talk. There is no ‘right or wrong’ and no judgments are made. They will listen to you and guide you to explore the issues which are impacting your life. Together, they will help you identify where you can make changes. Your counsellor will also help you learn to accept these which you cannot change.
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Coronavirus Discount

Hope Therapy is currently running a 15% discount off of all counselling and CBT to anyone affected by the Coronavirus.

Please do get in touch.


Ian Stockbridge - Lead Counsellor and Owner

07379 538411 Wantage, Oxfordshire Email Website Facebook Twitter

About Hope Therapy & Mindfulness Services

Ian Stockbridge is the founder and lead counsellor at Hope Therapy and Mindfulness Services. Ian is an experienced and qualified Counsellor, able to draw upon CBT and Mindfulness as well as offering Life and Executive Coaching. You can find more information about Ian on LinkedIn.

Ian founded Hope Therapy in 2011, to support people in emotional and psychological distress, offering individual and group Counselling, CBT, Mindfulness & Coaching sessions through his office in Wantage.

The practice has since expanded, with additional offices in Rickmansworth and Little Chalfont, Hertfordshire, Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire, Oxford and with virtual offices around the world through the Hope Network.

Hope Therapy and Mindfulness specialise in Depression, Anxiety, Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, Phobias, Self Esteem, Relationship issues, Bereavement and Loss.

One-to-one, Groups, Couples and Families are all supported either face to face, via Skype, Zoom or On-Line.

Helen Crooks - Counsellor

07379 538411 Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire Email Facebook Twitter

  • Person-Centred Counsellor.
  • Specialises in working with Adults, Young Adults, Young People and Children.
  • Face to Face, Skype, Telephone, Online Counselling, Therapy and Coaching.

Helen is a qualified, highly competent and very sought-after Counsellor, who has gained experience in various professional settings alongside having her own private practice. She integrates CBT and Psychodynamic approaches into her client-centred work, as appropriate to the client and their presenting issue. She has significant experience of working with adults, young adults, young people and children.

As well as being qualified, Helen is NSPCC trained in Child protection and is appropriately DBS certificated. She is also a member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) and attends regular workshops and training to inform and supplement her on-going practice.

Helen is a certified Suicide Counsellor and Trainer and has worked with diverse presenting issues including suicide and suicidal feelings, eating disorders (bulimia and anorexia), self-harm, domestic violence, voice hearers and diagnosed mental health issues including Anxiety, Depression, OCD and Border Personality Disorder.

She also has experience of working collaboratively with other mental health professionals, supporting people of all ages when working with a variety of complex presentations including such things as ADHD, ADD, ASD, dyslexia as well as other learning and developmental difficulties. Physical, Sexual and Emotional abuse, as well as Bereavement, Loss and Perfectionism, have also featured in her caseload as has Bullying, Stress, Relationship and Job and Career based challenges.

Helen’s training can help you by identifying ‘blocks’, allowing you to focus on the solutions that allow you to achieve your goals and increase your well being and happiness: she feels a counselling relationship can give people of all ages the confidence to thrive.

She is passionate about allowing people a voice whilst offering them autonomy and empathy within the safety of a therapeutic relationship. She believes this ethos is particularly important within her modality of a person-centred approach as it allows the individual to focus on realising and reaching their full potential.

Her approach is that sessions should progress at a pace the client feels comfortable with.

Marianne ANderson - Counsellor

07379 538411 Email Website Facebook Twitter

  • Person-Centred Counsellor.
  • Specialising in working both one to one and with families.
  • Adults, Young Adults, Young People & Children.
  • Face to Face, Skype, Telephone and Online Counselling, Therapy and Coaching.

Helping you make sense of your world

Marianne is a qualified Person-Centred Counsellor and a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). She has been interested in therapeutic counselling all her life, finding it rewarding to support people by offering them a space where they can feel safe, heard and understood during times when their worlds may feel complicated and overwhelming.

Marianne has extensive experience of working with young people (aged 11 to 18) and adults in a variety of areas such as:

Low Mood
Self Esteem
Self Harm
Family Issues
Work and School Issues
Behavioural Problems
Exam Stress
Panic Attacks
Self Care
Body Image

As a Person-Centred therapist, Marianne works in a non-directive and flexible way, prioritising the client’s needs and works at a pace that suits them. Her working method includes talking therapy, as well as play and creative methods, such as drawing and painting.​

Marianne also has experience in working with people both pre-and-post ADHD diagnosis and can support as the person comes to terms with the diagnosis and looking at ways to help them manage their feelings and symptoms. For ADHD clients, Marianne works closely with Headstuff ADHD Therapy who can provide further information on what ADHD is and how to get diagnosed.

Marianne is also trained in family therapy and is able to offer sessions for families who are struggling with communication and their home life.

Michele Green - Counsellor

07379 538411 Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire Email Website Facebook Twitter

  • Integrative Counsellor.
  • Clinical Supervisor.
  • Specialises in working both with One to One and Couples.
  • Face to Face, Skype, Telephone and Online Counselling, Therapy and Coaching.

Michele is a qualified, highly competent and very sought-after Relationship and Couples Counsellor and Clinical Supervisor, who has gained experience in various professional settings alongside having her own private practice.

She is a fully qualified Integrative Counsellor who has also gained a post-graduate qualification in Psychotherapeutic Counselling. This along with further specialist training makes her an ideal therapist to support you and possibly your partner, as you work through a variety of life’s relationship challenges.

Unlike many therapists who are trained in a single modality restricting the therapeutic approach and narrowing the possible interventions, Michele is able to integrate relevant ideas from differing approaches.

Michelle also has a Diploma in Clinical Supervision meaning that not only does she work with her own clients, but her experience and training allows her to support other counsellors with there’s.

Her background, experience and qualifications means that she is used to working with a variety of complex clients and presentations. She specializes in a number of areas including Relationship difficulties, Anxiety & Stress (both home and work-based), Depression, Abuse, Low Self Esteem, Addiction, Eating Disorders, Mid Life Crisis.

It doesn't matter if you’re on your own, married, living together, single, gay, bisexual, straight or transgender, as a highly experienced relationship therapist Michele is waiting to help.

She is passionate about allowing people a voice whilst offering them autonomy and empathy within the safety of a therapeutic relationship.

Her approach is that sessions should progress at a pace the client feels comfortable with.

Deb Jones - Counsellor

07379 538411 Gloucester, Gloucestershire Email Website Facebook Twitter

    • Person-Centred Counsellor, drawing upon Psychodynamic, Gestalt and Relational Theories.
    • General Counsellor & Specialist Sexual Violence Counsellor.
    • 14 Years experience
    • Face to Face, Skype, Telephone, Online Counselling.

    Deb is a fully qualified and very popular counsellor, with significant experience of working with a variety of presentations. She has gained experience in various professional settings alongside having her own busy private practice. She integrates various approaches including Psychodynamic Theory, Gestalt, and Relational Theories into her Client work depending on the client and their presenting issue.

    As well as being both an experienced and qualified general counsellor, Deb has also received specialist training as a sexual violence counsellor and has worked at both the Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) and Gloucestershire Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre.

    Deb also has significant experience of working with Relationship Issues and Families as well as Abuse, Bereavement, Sexual Assault, Addiction, Anxiety and Depression.

    A passionate and sensitive counsellor who has a particular gift at supporting people in their spiritual as well as their emotional and psychological journeys.

    In her own one to one practice, she also offers a variety of complementary practices including:

    • Block Clearance Therapy
    • Reiki (In-Person and Remote)
    • Reflexology
    • Swedish Massage
    • Hot Stone Massage
    • Pregnancy Massage

    A few things Deb's previous clients have asked us to share:

    "My Counselling session with Deb has helped me so much in many different aspects of my life.

    I feel very comfortable around Deb and I feel lucky to have her as my counsellor.

    She is very kind, understanding and non-judgemental.

    I feel extremely grateful for the help she has given me and I would highly recommend her to others".

    "Deb is very kind, understanding and non-judgemental"

    "Deb has an incredible calmness about her and has taught and guided me through this"

    "Deb taught me I'm not broken or damaged, I'm healing"

    If you would like to either work with Deb or receive one of her therapy treatments, do get in touch.

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44 Denchworth Road

Wantage, OX12 9ES
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