Kaleidoscope Psychotherapy

Since completing my Psychology degree in 2007, I have seven years clinical experience working with children, young people and adults. I have practised psychotherapy in various settings including with ChildLine/NSPCC, in schools both primary and secondary, with Place 2 Be, as part of a NHS Primary Mental Health Team and with charity Beacon Counselling based in Bramhall, Stockport. Psychotherapy with children and adolescents is different to psychotherapy with adults, with a focus on play or creative work such as art or with clay.

As a teenager I was told that I was a good listener and easy to talk to, when my friends had problems, they would talk to me. At that time I was simply taking the time to listen and sometimes I would make a suggestion here and there of something I thought might help, but to be honest I was a teenager myself, perhaps going through similar experiences. As an adult I found conventional work in business dissatisfying.