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I am a qualified Counsellor and Psychotherapist with a Masters in Transpersonal Counselling and Psychotherapy practising in Sheffield. I am a member of UKCP, BACP and the ASPCC. I slso have a Post Graduate Certificate in Counselling Supervision. Being a Counsellor or Psychotherapist is not about the qualfications I have, it's about relationships. Through my work I share your journey while you discover that you already who you want to be. Psychotherapy is essential at times of transition and change in life. It can help you to connect with what is deeply joyful in your life as well as negotiating what is difficult. Each person I work with has their own story, everyone is unique, I respond to you, offering you what you need to help you to navigate your way on your journey to wholeness. I believe passionately in people. I work either long term with people who want to explore deep and painful issues making lasting changes, or with short term focussed work helping people to achieve a specific goal.

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20 Ladysmith Avenue

Sheffield, S7 1SF
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