Mike Rowe Counselling

I started working as a counsellor over 20 years ago. I had been teaching stress management, yoga and meditation, and often found that people needed to talk with me about various difficulties and complications in their lives. It was a natural step to move into Counselling and Psychotherapy, as it meant that I was in a position to offer support to others, and it was also important in my own personal development.

I completed an Advanced Diploma in Counselling and Group Work in 1997, having gained a Certificate 11 years earlier. I also completed a Certificate in Psychotherapy in 1993 and a Certificate in Supervision in 1998, after which I began to supervise trainee Counsellors on different courses in Devon.

I have, over the years, worked with a wide range of people from many different backgrounds. I worked as a Counsellor in a community mental health centre, as well as having a private Counselling and Psychotherapy practice.