Mind For Life

I am passionate about life, my health and well-being, and my desire is not to be the best, but the best that I can be. Over many years of research and personal investment in knowledge, I have developed a wonderful process that continues to enhance and change my life. As a qualified and experienced Existential Psychotherapist, I can help and guide other people to find meaning and purpose in their time on Planet Earth, resolving negative issues and conflicts of behaviour.

I then guide them to create their future. I have been trained to use many different processes and techniques. My work has shown me that we are all different and what works for one person does not necessarily work for another. The core of my therapeutic practice is a unique process that I have developed and used since 2003/2004 called Dynamic Thought Transfer Process (DTT). I teach my clients the DTT process, and from that foundation, the change begins. All the other healing processes that I teach build the magic that is you.