Newcastle Psychologist & Counselling
Newcastle Psychologist & Counselling offer a dedicated Clinical Psychology and Counselling service in Newcastle upon Tyne. Dr Stuart Sadler (Chartered Psychologist) provides evidence-based psychological therapies and counselling on a one-to-one, couples, and/or family basis to help with difficulties relating to:

- Depression - eg. low mood, low self-esteem
- Anxiety and "nerves"- eg. worry, GAD, OCD, panic attacks, phobia
- Trauma - e.g. accidents, assault, early abuse
- Sleep problems - e.g. insomnia, nightmares, early waking
- Relationship difficulties - e.g. affairs, separation/divorce, anger
- Life stage transition - e.g. retirement, unemployment, grief, bereavement
- Tension and Stress - e.g. work-related problems, being "on edge" or "worked up", stressful lifestyle

Newcastle Psychologist & Counselling also have access to other specialist counsellors and psychologists who specialise in working with children suffering from a range of problems (including depression, anxiety, attachment difficulties, anger issues and problems at school). We also have access to specialist relationship counsellors who work with individuals and/or couples experiencing relationship and/or psychosexual difficulties.

As well as face to face therapy and counselling, we also offer flexible online therapy via Skype, Facetime or Zoom for clients unable to attend our clinics in Jesmond (2nd Floor Fleming Business Centre, Burdon Terrace) or Gosforth (Gosforth Physio & Wellness, Ivy Road).