Stephen Weaver Counselling & Psychotherapy

If you have googled this site, the chances are you are already aware that something is not quite right in your life. You try do the right thing, you are working all hours, you are dedicated to your partner or family, but you are left at the end of the day feeling stressed out or just plain unhappy. If you are held back from what you really want to achieve in life but never get round to doing something about it, you may start to feel tired, depressed, even defeated. Being true to yourself, working effectively and enjoying your relationships, all matter too much for you to carry on like this without saying "Enough!" If this all sounds familiar, then maybe counselling and psychotherapy can help. To be able to speak honestly, openly and in complete confidence with a skilled listener, can be a truly liberating experience. A trained counsellor can help you to survey what is not working for you, to clarify where you would prefer to be and then accompany you as you begin the task of getting there.