My interest in understanding how people live their lives and cope with life's challenges and changes, (my own in the first instance) led me to explore the field of psychology. I initially studied and obtained my Psychology degree in South Africa, working in areas of victim support with the South African Police, increasing my understanding and work with trauma. I also worked within a Hospice working with both cancer and AIDS patients and their families. This experience deepened my knowledge of our existential dilemmas and I continue to work with and be interested in this. I also worked for an organization offering support for anxiety and depression.

After relocating to the UK, I continued to pursue this path, obtaining a Masters degree in gestalt psychotherapy. I have a passionate interest in the natural world, initially explored through hiking, having trekked Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Elbrus in Russia and Aconcagua in Argentina, as well as hiking the Fish river canyon in Namibia.