Therapy needed for my husband

I am looking for a therapist for my husband. My husband tried to kill himself new Year's eve. We had gone to see his GP as he said he was thinking about doing this a few weeks before Christmas, his medication was doubled and he was advised the nurse would be in touch in the new year. Since then he has gone via Mariners House who discharged him and advised he needs to go through primary care, have his medication changed and if that does not work to return for further assessment. I believe that my husband may have a personality disorder and he needs therapy rather than counseling. He is currently attending counseling which I hope will at least get him used to talk as he is really not very good at it and struggles to open up and tell the truth about himself. After 15 years of being together, he is only now telling me things that have happened that I am now struggling to cope with. He has had his medication changed and he will be given mood stabilizers in a week or two. So I am looking for a therapist in the Ipswich area the closer to home the better. As accumulating debt seems to be an issue that I have only just been made aware of, I would like cost per hour also as I will be providing payment and availability would be useful. My husband is fully aware that I am seeking therapy for him. Thank you in advance for any help or advice you are able to offer.

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