Steve Maguire & Associates
Steve Maguire had many years work experience in various NHS and local government units caring for young offenders, before qualifying as a clinical psychologist in 1988. He has experience in the
The Little Counselling Service
I offer therapy from my office in Hamilton town centre. This office is convenient for all public transport as it is adjacent to the bus station and Hamilton Central Station. There are public carparks
Newtown Counselling
Based in Edinburgh, Newtown Counselling offers counselling and psychotherapy services to help tackle mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, eating disorders, bereavement,
Counselling Edinburgh
I am a counsellor in Edinburgh, providing professional, confidential counselling to help you to understand and work through issues that are causing problems in your life. These are likely related to
Michelle Woodall
I am insightful and real with you about how hard life can be. I might challenge you from time to time - this genuineness combined with accepting you as you are gives you the space to feel better about
Partis Clinical Psychology
Many people experience psychological, emotional and mental health difficulties at some point in their lives. Sometimes these difficulties can resolve with time or with support from family and friends.
Open Door Counselling
We all encounter difficult times and situations in our lives. Most of the time, we have the personal resources and support that allow us to deal with life's challenges. There are times, however, when
Counselling Conversations
The face of decision or, as I some times more colloquially put it, having first warned my pupils of an impending profanity, the 'what the fuck face', is something that we all share. Charles Darwin
Edinburgh Counselling
I offer an introductory session, for which there is a standard charge of £40.00. During this, we will discuss the concerns you are bringing, and look into whether counselling and psychotherapy is the
Way Forward Counselling
As a BACP Accredited therapist, Kirsty aims to provide a therapeutic experience characterised by acceptance, genuine warmth and understanding within a safe and confidential setting. A gentle approach