Laurence Jarosy. Dip. Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy and Counselling help you gain greater insight and understanding into your thoughts, feelings and actions, this process enables you to have greater freedom to make the choices you want in life. I will listen in a non-judgmental and unbiased way and will provide a safe ad confidential space for you to explore any issues and feelings which may be difficult to discuss with others. By gently exploring your present experience you can gain a greater awareness of who you are and what you need. Psychotherapy and counselling can help make new connections that can lead to a greater understanding of your past which allows you to move forward into a better future. Through this supportive relationship, habitual ways you may experience yourself can be gradually explored. This process leads to a greater freedom and range of possibilities in your life and in your relationships. Counselling or Psychotherapy? Counselling is generally shorter term and often aimed towards a specific goal.