Psychotherapy, Counselling and Personal Development Glasgow

BA (Hons), MA (Psych), MA (Ex.Psych) Qualified and NHS Experienced Psychotherapist and Counsellor in Stepps, Glasgow offering psychotherapy, counselling and a range of personal development and Life Coaching work to adults and teenagers, couples and families.

+ 18 years NHS and private practice experience

+ Informal first meeting £30

+ Low cost and donation-only sessions available

+ Video/ Skype, Telephone, Email and Chat support

+ No waiting list and flexible appointment times

+ Quiet, comfortable, private facilities

+ Comprehensive, outcome-focussed psychosocial and risk assessments as standard

+ Full 60-minute sessions (instead of the conventional ’50 minute hour’)

+ Emergency and out-of-hours service available

+ All forms of meditation tuition [mindfulness, vipassana, yogic, shikantaza, Christian, Metta bhavana, pranayama etc]

+ Art, writing, yoga and creative media as therapeutic tools

+ Home visits and telephone support

+ Written assessment summaries and problem formulation available

+ Privacy, respect and confidentiality assured

+ Qualified yoga teacher: one-to-one tuition

+ Body-mind-environment awareness development and tuition central to all therapy offered

+ All problems considered including depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties; abuse, trauma and harassment survival; addictions, everyday struggles and worries, existential problems e.g. life purpose and meaning, psychiatric diagnoses and more.