West London Counselling
Life can present us with difficulties, challenges and crises that we are unable to handle on our own. We may turn to family and friends for support, advice and guidance. However there are times when
Psychotherapist & Counsellor
We are all qualified and experienced counsellors and psychotherapists working in Chiswick and Acton, West London. We offer counselling and psychotherapy to individuals, generally within a framework of
Angela Jullings, Couples Counsellor
Are you facing difficulties in your relationship or marriage? Have you discovered your partner is having an affair? Are you fighting and arguing constantly and wish you could find the peace and
Ros Guthrie Counselling
Sometimes in life we can feel stressed or stuck; this can be due to unresolved issues from the past affecting out current happiness, or changes in life that we feel ill-equipped to deal with. Talking

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