Dr Joe Armstrong
Research has shown that psychological therapies like CBT, EMDR and Counselling can help people deal with a wide range of emotional problems, traumas and life events, and in many cases positive changes
Inner Harmony
Do you find your mind is racing, you have poor concentration, you make mistakes, you have no confidence and you feel as if your life is spiralling out of control? Do you want to relax and unwind away
Rowan Consultancy
We have been joined by a team of sessional counsellors and therapists operating throughout Scotland, delivering counselling and psychotherapy to private individuals, couples, young people and to
Behaviour Solutions
At LIFE Psychology we are committed to working with you to and make long lasting changes that can make your life better. We work with you to develop a rewarding stimulating and challenging program of
Maree Deeley Life Therapies
Over twenty years, utilising a potent mix of skills and qualifications in clinical hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, life coaching and more. With satisfied enthusiastic clients in UK and Spain, Italy,
First Psychology Dundee
When people talk about therapy they often use the term to describe the processes of counselling, CBT, psychotherapy, relationship / couples counselling and family therapy. Therapy can help with a
Momentum Counselling Services
Momentum Counselling Services provides talk therapy for individuals and couples with a wide range of needs in the Dundee area. We strive to provide this service at a low cost while maintaining very
Healthy Chat
Human Givens therapy is the fastest, most effective treatment presently available. Research* shows that more than 3 in 4 clients were either symptom free or significantly recovered in an average of
V.S.P Counselling
Counselling can offer you a unique opportunity to discuss in depth any worries you may have, and I can help guide you to lead a more settled life. The fact that you have a desire for change is the
Central Counselling
She has been employed and also volunteered in a variety of settings over the last fifteen years and as well has having her own practice, she as been Project Co-ordinator for a registered charity