Katherine Goodsell Psychological Services
The practice was born from one referral received by a local GP in 2013 which led to many more, prompting us to create the practice. It has two directors, Katherine and Dominic Goodsell, with an aim to
The Practice MK
We offer a professional and private counselling service in Milton Keynes. All our counsellors are accredited with the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy and specialise in a number of
Well Ahead
As a Consultant Health Psychologist I am registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and am an Associate Fellow of The British Psychological Society. I have a PhD in psychology. I am an
Martin Crook
As an experienced and understanding counsellor I recognise that you need to be sure you are in the right place for confidential and caring support. I have a reputation for genuineness and sensitivity,
The Well Being Therapy Centre
Clinical depression is more that just feeling "blue" - it is a serious condition that can affect your mind, body and spirit and could impact every aspect of your life. Are you constantly worrying,
Coyote Consulting Services
Each new recruit can make a huge difference to your business and it pays to invest in careful recruitment. Good quality aptitude tests and personality profiles, used alongside structured interviews,
Linda Farthing Psychotherapy
My name is Linda Farthing and I am a Qualified Psychotherapist, I have had a private practice here in Milton Keynes for over 10 years. I have undertaken training in various different therapies
TonicTalk Counsellors and Psychotherapists are highly qualified and experienced professional therapists offering a full range of counselling and psychotherapy services. We are always happy to receive
Counselling Works
Counselling Works have a full range of Counselling Services to Individuals, Couples and Corporate Clients and counsellors. Our Counselling Service is fast, honestly priced and of high quality.
Marie-Laure Crisp
When deciding on an appropriate psychotherapist, it is useful to understand the therapies used. Research shows that although all therapies are useful you may find one approach more appealing than