Dave Henderson
Counselling offers you a place to discuss your problems confidentially with someone who is trained neither to judge or advise. I qualified as a counsellor in 2004 with a Diploma in Counselling from
Gail Waterworth's Counselling
I believe the relationship jointly developed between client and counsellor is at the heart of the counselling process, and very important to the outcome of therapy. Our counselling relationship will
Michael Alexander-Aspire Counselling
Hello, I'm Mike and welcome to my counselling and psychotherapy website. My private practice is based in East Leeds and is in Crossgates. The area is served by both bus and train routes, so it is
Ani Arnold Therapeutic Counselling
It is my belief that we all have the emotional intelligence to know what is best for us, along with how to grow and how to heal. It is my job as a counsellor to help you realise your potential and
Bridges Counselling Service
I trained originally in the Person Centred Approach in counselling at Sheffield (Hallam) University and gained their Advanced Diploma in Counselling in 1991. In 1993 I began training in the
207 Counselling & Therapy Service
207 Counselling and Therapy Service in Sheffield, S6, offers a quality service provided by experienced, fully accredited, registered therapists. We have specialists in counselling, art therapy,
We deliver applied psychology in schools at the systemic level using an embedded model. We are now seeking like-minded psychologists to join our team as school development consultants (on an associate
Leeds Counselling
Leeds Counselling promotes emotional wellbeing, through services which make a difference to people's lives. 3 Dec 2013: Leeds Counselling has been commissioned to provide a new Child and Adolescent
Helen Caudwell Counselling Psychologist
If you or someone you know is finding that life feels difficult and a way forward seems elusive then you may be interested to read on. We can all find times in our lives where we struggle to cope. It
GE Counselling & Psychotherapy
I can assist you in goal setting, action planning and the implementation of changes you are interested in making as and when ready. After an assessment of your situation we can plan a limited number