Ely - Kate Patterson
If you answered yes to any of these questions then I can help you. My name is Kate Patterson, and I am a professional psychotherapist and hypnotherapist. As an accredited Thrive Programme Consultant
Phoenix Hypnotherapy & Counselling Servises
My name is Brian Turner and I am fully certified hypnotherapist and counselling practitioner. I have been successfully practising for two years offering hypnotherapy, counselling and CBT. My main
Anglia Counselling
Succeeding in working with people to understand themselves better, and letting them find their best resources to overcome difficulties is core, because clients and their challenges rightly demand this
Cambs Consultancy Counselling
We are a registered charity (No: 1053794), a team which has been providing professional counselling, services since 1978. CCC offers people 16 and over, of any lifestyle and nationality, a
Psychotherapy In Cambridge
Suffering and the search for meaning are inescapable aspects of our life, from the acute distress of losing a loved one, through to the yearning and despair we can feel at losing our connection to
Cambridge Counselling Service
Typical problems that people bring to counselling include low-mood, depression, feeling stuck or trapped, anxiety, stress, feeling unhappy at work, eating issues, over-doing drink, drugs, gambling or
Stress Management Counselling
I specialise in the treatment of stress, anxiety and OCD, depression, low sense of self-worth and alcohol problems. My experience has taught me that these emotional states usually benefit from an
Cambridge Sports Psychology
Luke Clough, 28, has over 10 years experience working within the Fitness and Coaching Industry. At the age of 18, he gained his Diploma in Fitness Training and Sports Therapy and started working as a
Cambridge Counselling Centre
Cambridge Counselling Centre provides a confidential therapy service to both individuals and couples. It was founded in 2009, when Jackie relocated to Cambridge with a vision to establish an
Judy Cowell - Psychotherapist
If you have concerns about your emotional life or if you feel frustrated and unfulfilled then you are looking in the right place. I provide a professional setting in which you can talk safely and