Mind Remedies
I am Suheyla Hussein a Chartered Counselling Psychologist. I am accredited with the British Psychological Society (BPS) the Health Professionals Council (HPC) and the British Association for
CPF Counselling Croydon
CPF Counselling was founded in 1977 as Croydon Pastoral Foundation {one of the first of the Westminster Pastoral Foundation (WPF) network counselling centres to be established} to provide access to
Psychotherapy With Emily Hodgson
I offer mindfulness based psychotherapy in Coulsdon, Surrey. If you are struggling with life and your own efforts to cope don't seem to be working, then psychotherapy could be what you are looking
Bodymind Integration
The founder of Gestalt therapy, Fritz Perls, provocatively declared "Lose your mind and come to your senses." This has been the story of my life. Thus far I have managed to come to my senses, but
Wellness Therapy
Oftentimes we come to a point in our lives when things just aren't working as well they once did or indeed could. You may find this happening at work, studies, with your partner, family, children, and
Anne Ashley Jungian Analyst
I worked for 9 years in voluntary helpline and face to face counselling with people contemplating suicide and with parents experiencing stress and was accredited as a psychodynamic counsellor in 1985

South London