Listening Ear Counselling Service
If you choose to come and see me for counselling, we will develop a supportive relationship that will enable you to explore your problems, come to understand your problems, and then to resolve, or
Heart & Mind Counselling
When you come for counselling, you will be offered a confidential environment where you can explore and express aspects of yourself that may be painful or uncomfortable. This may involve thinking
Hal Westergaard
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, or CBT, is an advanced type of counselling and therapy that offers powerful and practical ways to solve psychological problems by working on them in partnership with the
Counselling 2bheard
Helping couples or individuals who are going through a bad time, finding communication challenging or who are working through a separation or marriage breakdown and possible divorce perhaps after an
Mindzeye Counselling & Hypnotherapy
I have been seeing Sarah over the last few months for treatment of panic attacks and a phobia and I can't recommend her enough. Sarah creates a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere for each session and
Crystal Serenity Counselling
Crystal Serenity Counselling & Psychotherapy services provide counselling for children, adults & couples, as well as various workshops in Brentwood. Counselling is a talking therapy, which allows you