Toibin Eileen
My name is Eileen Toibin and I have been working in North London as a psychotherapist for seventeen years. I am based in Crouch End, very close to the Clock Tower. I offer psychotherapy and a
The process of psychotherapy helps you to clarify what you want from life, addressing your own needs, improving relationships with others, taking responsibility and regaining control: learning to
Stephen Westcott Counsellor
There are times in life when we may need someone with whom to explore the difficulties that present themselves. I hope this is a straightforward way to access help and support in doing that, or
Simona Panetta-Crean
My name is Simona Panetta-Crean and I have been a practising Jungian Psychotherapist and Analyst in North London for the past 20 years. I am committed to providing counselling, psychotherapy and

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