Hypnotherapist & Counsellor
Sometimes when we are feeling low or depressed we need to talk but may not feel that sharing personal thoughts with friends or family is appropriate. Perhaps we do not feel 'heard' by our loved ones
Riordan Jane
I offer both psychotherapy and counselling in Surrey. Most of my work is long term psychotherapy. A fuller explanation of the difference between psychotherapy and counselling can be found on this
Circle Counselling
Counselling is a talking therapy and offers a space to explore the difficulties and challenges you are facing in your life. A counsellor is trained to help you find your own answers to the problems
Claire Basil Counselling
I am a qualified experienced counsellor; I have a diploma in therapeutic counselling which is complemented by a BA (Hons) in counselling. I am a member of the British Association of Counselling and
Counselling In Farnham
Counselling can create the opportunity for you to gain greater insight and understanding of yourself. It offers the potential for enhanced self awareness about how you are in your relationships with
Adolescent Counselling Farnham
Are you feeling low, confused, angry or struggling with life situations that are affecting how you are, your career or family life? Deciding to seek help is often the most difficult and anxiety