Phoenix Counselling
Phoenix is a self-funding service; our core mission is to ensure that any one wishing to have counselling can access affordable and accessible counselling at the time of need. Phoenix was established
Beena Bhanu
If you find yourself browsing the internet for counselling, you may have found yourself in a muddle and in need of support. The aim of my website is, in the first instance, to provide useful
Jenni Knight
Having worked theraputically in a forensic setting for many years, I began my counselling training in the early 1980's. My clinical work has continued to develop over the last 25 years through further
Psychotherapy Counselling Services
Our Pace of life and our way of being can sometimes take us to difficult and immobilising places. If this resonates with you and you feel you need a safe, impartial and non-judgemental place to talk
Kate Harvey Counsellor & Psychotherapist
Trained in therapeutic counselling and Gestalt psychotherapy my approach is tailored to the unique wishes and needs of each individual. This begins with the support and non-judgemental acceptance
Teddington Psychology
Cognitive Behabioural Therapy (CBT) aims to support individuals in understanding the development and maintenance of their difficulties through increasing their awareness of the links between their
London Psychology Centre
I follow strict ethical principles and professional guidelines, and receive regular supervision and training to ensure high standards of professional and reflective practice. I regularly attend
Sakoon Muslim Counselling Services
At Sakoon we know how important it is for Muslims to have an Islamic perspective in counselling hence why we offer a holistic approach to your wellbeing, which includes looking at ones faith, culture
Gary Schuller
Relationships can be one of the greatest sources of joy and fulfillment in life. When we experience relationship problems, we feel great pain, disappointment, fear and loneliness. Conflict is
I help with a range of difficulties and specialise in anxiety, loss, low self esteem and the emotional impact of cancer. Telling your story to someone who cares, is independent and does not judge, in