Career Psychology
Career Psychology was founded by Siobhan Hamilton-Phillips; a psychologist with 30 years experience in occupational psychology, working with individuals and organisations. Our consultants have a first
Dr. Jenny McGillion
CBT is often used in short bursts - typically between 6 and 20 sessions, though more or less may be required depending on the nature and duration of the problem. CBT focuses on specific goals and
City & West Psychology
We offer a safe, secure and confidential service with highly qualified professional therapists. We are committed to providing you with the best service we can and work hard to ensure that we are able
Health Psychology Clinic Psychological Services
Whether you have recognized that you need help or you want to change some aspect in your current situation, psychotherapy may be able to assist. If you are interested in psychological therapy you have
Dr Lucy Atcheson
To help others through therapy you have to know what they need, and the only way to find out what they need is for them to tell you. And they won't tell you unless they think you will listen
Harley Street Psychology
There are a number of reasons why people seek out individual and group therapy. These reasons may be varied, but we can assure you that because the experience is completely subjective you will
iRise Psychology
Our head office is in Liverpool Street in the city, and we have offices in Soho in London's West End and South Woodford. We also offer a telephone and Skype therapy service. This is particularly
Malcolm Kirsh Counselling & Psychotherapy
We are highly experienced in providing counselling and psychotherapy in Central, North London and South Hertfordshire. We work psycho dynamically also employing cognitive and behavioural therapy and
Dr Denise Freeman - The Westlake Clinic
I am Dr. D, Cpsychol, Psyched, MSC, BA (HONS), HCPC Registered. I am a warm, safe, confidential, highly qualified and experienced Chartered Psychologist in London with a mission to resolve personal
Hoxton Therapy
Hoxton Therapy London Harley Street is a mental health clinic that offers therapy and counselling in London, we offer a number of approaches to therapy and counselling, and help people that present
The ADHD Centre
The ADHD centre is a team of experienced Consultant Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists and ADHD Behavioural Coaches that have come together with a common mission to offer a service dedicated to the
Philippe Jacquet & Associates
Our group of experienced psychotherapists, counsellors and coaches have extensive experience in working with clients and in different schools of psychotherapy, we find that creating a holistic or

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