Linda Farthing Psychotherapy
My name is Linda Farthing and I am a Qualified Psychotherapist, I have had a private practice here in Milton Keynes for over 10 years. I have undertaken training in various different therapies
The Well Being Therapy Centre
Clinical depression is more that just feeling "blue" - it is a serious condition that can affect your mind, body and spirit and could impact every aspect of your life. Are you constantly worrying,
The Practice MK
We offer a professional and private counselling service in Milton Keynes. All our counsellors are accredited with the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy and specialise in a number of
Counselling Works
Counselling Works have a full range of Counselling Services to Individuals, Couples and Corporate Clients and counsellors. Our Counselling Service is fast, honestly priced and of high quality.
Well Ahead
As a Consultant Health Psychologist I am registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and am an Associate Fellow of The British Psychological Society. I have a PhD in psychology. I am an
Coyote Consulting Services
Each new recruit can make a huge difference to your business and it pays to invest in careful recruitment. Good quality aptitude tests and personality profiles, used alongside structured interviews,