The St Giles Clinic
Our aim was to provide a full-time practice in the independent sector that consisted of high quality, evidence-based psychological health care for a range of clients in the private, statutory and
Annabel Hare Psychotherapist
I have helped many individuals, and couples move forward in their lives and relationships. The issues I have successfully worked with include depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, abuse,
John Plester Hypnotherapy
The techniques of NLP are widely featured in Paul McKenna's bestselling books and programmes and are my preferred methods of change when working with clients. I have also guest trained for a number of
Kirsty Hurrell Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy
You, like me, are interested in being the best that you can and having the best experience. You are in very safe hands. Like Winston Churchill said: "I am easily satisfied with the very best." Right
The Psychology Clinic
The Psychology Clinic of East Anglia is a well-respected organisation based in Norwich, UK. Details of our services, CVs and additional information can be downloaded from this website. Please contact
Mike Pickup
We offer a counselling experience that is engaging, challenging, life changing and at times has a touch of humour. We are experienced counsellors with a list of skills that sets us apart. This allows
Angie Giles
Trouble with sleeping? Being held back by your past in some way and need help resolving that? Ready for motivation toward losing weight? Want help getting rid of a habit or eliminating a phobia?