Philip Moore Counselling & Psychotherapy
I am a Counsellor and Psychotherapist providing support for clients throughout South West London, and the surrounding areas since 2007. I work with individuals who are experiencing difficulties in
I am a Counselling Psychologist as well as a sexual and relationship therapist. Over the last 30 years I have worked in GP primary care, the voluntary sector, teaching hospitals and the private
Living Therapy Counselling
We are Living Therapy, a therapy partnership offering counselling in Woking and Wimbledon and the surrounding areas of Surrey and South West London. We offer one-to-one individual sessions, working
Bodymind Integration
The founder of Gestalt therapy, Fritz Perls, provocatively declared "Lose your mind and come to your senses." This has been the story of my life. Thus far I have managed to come to my senses, but
Gill Clarke Counselling
Struggling with difficult emotions? Experiencing anxiety, depression, stress? Relationship, family or work problems? Need space to talk, think and feel? Everyone differs in what they hope to gain from
If you are experiencing problems, are feeling stuck or would like to explore what is most important to you in your life, I may be able to help. I have expertise in offering support in relation to a
ASPIRE Counselling & Psychotherapy
Counselling is primarily a talking therapy, a special kind of communication whereby the client is the centre of the conversation. Counselling isn't about advice giving, it is centred around you
Pam Custers SW19 Counselling
I am a counsellor and psychotherapist. I work integratively drawing from both Systemic and Psychodynamic approaches. I work on both a short term and open ended basis. My areas of special interest
Balham Counselling & Psychotherapy
I am currently working additionally as a Psychotherapist for a large Corporate City Bank and a Croydon based Secondary School. Counselling enables someone to deal with those difficult and often
Connect Psychology
Cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) is a well-researched and effective approach to a variety of mental health problems. A large number of clinical studies have demonstrated CBT to be the best