Camino Counselling & Psychotherapy Bedford
Camino Counselling and Psychotherapy specialise in high quality Counselling and Psychotherapy services and personal and spiritual development. We work within a holistic relational counselling and
Devine Hypnotherapy
At some time in our lives we have negative, destructive, thoughts that restrict and distract us from leading the life we want to. These unwanted thought patterns could stem from the past; a previous
David Monks Counsellor & Psychotherapist
I have always valued the potential of each human being and believe we all have the possibility to grow, adapt and change throughout our lives. The picture on the left taken personally in the Lake
Bedford Hypnotherapy Clinic
In fact there are now three main routes you can go down to be free from your problems and symptom and they are. This programme examines your thoughts and how to make them more helpful and positive,
Bedford Community Counselling
Bedford Community Counselling (BCC) has been set up by three highly qualified counsellors who are passionate about offering a service that is professional, ethical and honest. Based in the heart of
Jenny Arthern
There are times when we all feel overwhelmed, stuck, hopeless or depressed. At such times it can be hard to know where to go for help. Through psychotherapy I offer an opportunity to step back from
I often get asked how it was that I came to do counselling Luton - Psychotherapy Dunstable. As with many counsellors, its a question easily answered. Ever since 1990, as a lost teenager, I have been
MRS Eva Baker
I provide individual counselling and psychotherapy, and couple counselling. I work in a holistic way with a variety of issues that people bring. Relationship issues, problems in living and bodily
Hitchin Counselling & Psychology Centre
Hitchin Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre is comprised of a group of highly qualified and experienced professionals who offer a wide-ranging and comprehensive therapeutic service. We are fully
Chris Henden Counselling & Psychotherapy
I am also actively involved in continuing professional development including psychoanalytic and psychotherapeutic research and have an active interest in the development of the counselling and